Modernise your lending business.

Embrace the new frontier of loan application management with FoxHub.
Spend less time on spreadsheets and more time developing your business with FoxHub’s 360 degree one stop solution. Starting up or looking to expand, FoxHub comes with all the tools to connect and manage your business with rapid results using streamlined workflows in the latest cloud-based technology platform.

Key benefits

Grow your business

FoxHub is the very latest in Fintech software providing a fully scalable end-to-end solution for managing all aspects of a loan journey. The core loan management platform capability is further expanded with a built in CRM, Portal and Accounts module, that combine to drive your lending business.

Reduce workflow

Enhanced loan management

Increase confidence

Connect brokers and investors

Accelerate growth

Offer more products

Mitigate risk

Comprehensive audit trail and reports

Grow loan book

FoxHub ease of use

Scalable for business growth

Full line of sight to all transactions

Auto error correction and task prompts

Easy product creation and second charge lending

Increase business productivity and connectivity

Improved loan management workflow

Increased productivity

Technology features



How It Works

FoxHub is made up of three key modules


The FoxHub LAMS module is the core module for the loan application management software that comprehensively controls a loan from initial submission to redemption.


FoxHub CRM

The FoxHub CRM is a module specially developed to provide a full overview and management of each customer account, accessible by the lender and all of their stakeholders.


FoxHub Portal

The FoxHub Portal module is built for brokers, investors and clients to connect to the lender and access to FoxHub’s tools.


FoxHub Accounts

The FoxHub Accounts module provides full integration from FoxHub to the business finances, providing an end-to-end 360 degree view of all transactions in real time. 3rd party API integration is also possible. Eg. SAGE.

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