Connecting brokers, investors and account managers.

The FoxHub Portal module is built for brokers, investors and clients to connect to the lender and access to FoxHub’s tools.

Quick Overview

Connecting everyone and putting the customer first.

Real-time access at the office or remote

The FoxHub Portal module provides remote connectivity for brokers and clients to use FoxHub tools that improve account overview, enhance customer communication, reduce errors and allow reporting access. It has been designed to provide an efficient workflow that will improve operational efficiency for your business.

Importantly it allows access to auditors and investors to specific data sets required, that inspires confidence to meet regulatory expectations including audit trails.

Built on FoxHub’s core module, FoxHub Portal integrates seamlessly with real-time access to the LAMS, CRM and Accounts modules ().

Developed with FoxHub’s scalable nature in mind, the FoxHub Portal module supports businesses looking to expand their operation with multiple brokers and external stakeholders.

Remote access

Generate full auditing reports and more

Monitor submission

Brokers have line of sight to loan application

Track loans

Clients can view all loan history

Improve communication

Connecting everyone speeds up productivity


Assist meeting FCA requirements

DIP applications dashboard

DIP Calculations

DIP Loan Header

DIP Loan Information

DIP Offer Info

Key benefits




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